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One Citizen's Repudiation of the Unjust Justice System in Indiana.

Disclosure: Due to pending litigation, the development of this website is currently on hold.

Case of the Foregone Foreclosure

CitiMortgage hired the Foreclosure Mill, Reisenfeld and Associates, to initiate a fraudulent foreclosure action. Timothy Platt exposed their corrupt mortgage practices that were being used nationwide.

Case of the Un-unified Union

Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 1070, routinely violated federal regulations and union bylaws. Timothy Platt uncovers the union's ongoing abuses and reverse racial animus.

Case of the Snobbish Academics

Butler University is an elitist college that expels underprivileged students to prevent their graduation with a prestigious Butler degree. Timothy Platt identifies the problem of socioeconomic animus as the basis of Butler's discriminatory practices.

Case of the Teacher's Pet

Deborah Harrison, a close personal friend of Dr. Michelle Mannering, filed a fraudulent stalking claim to give Mannering's false claim greater credibility. Timothy Platt exposes Indiana's practice of issuing Protective Orders that violate state law.

Case of the Too-competent Quack

There is a lot of ambiguity and misinformation concerning the latest requirements for obtaining a Class A CDL D.O.T. Physical. Timothy Platt examines the errors in the current DOT physical examinations at Concentra that unjustly expose truckers to unnecessary costs.

Case of the Paranoid Professor

Dr. Michelle Mannering had a history of alleging gender discrimination against her male colleagues. When she directed that same passive-aggressive behavior against her student, he refused to acquiesce. Timothy Platt shows how Indiana justice caters to the more affluent party.

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